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In Memorium
Thomas Leonard
I was deeply saddened by the loss of "T", who died of a heart attack in his home in Phoenix on February 11, 2003. His impact on the field of coaching was monumental. My own personal relationship with him was one of great mutual respect, encouragement and support. Although I will miss his presence in my professional world, his spirit will live on in my soul.

One of T's goals was to enable people throughout society to benefit from coaching. He believed this could be facilitated by coaches providing coaching services at no cost to some of their clients.

"Few people know that they have the power to bless life. We bless the life in each other far more than we realize. Many simple, ordinary things that we do can affect those around us in profound ways: the unexpected phone call, the brief touch, the willingness to listen generously, the warm smile or wink. We can even bless total strangers and be blessed by them."
Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Rey Carr
CEO, Peer Resources

The Thomas J. Leonard Memorial Fund was established to help those who could not ordinarily afford to hire a coach get the support they need to start living their dream. The fund has now been completely expended and 88 people were able to work with 35 coaches on a pro bono basis. (For additional sources of pro bono coaching visit The Gift of Coaching.)


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